Process of Mobile Repair

What to expect with OneClick Phone Repairs

Important to Know

We offer in store repair and also mobile service.  A few repairs (iPads, iPhone Back Glass Repair, ext) may need to be picked up by one of our technicians or dropped off by you. Repairs time vary. For all repairs, customer must fill out a liability form. If booked online, form will be filled out online. 

 The screens we use offer the following:

*Strong glass for your peace of mind

*High Brightness as OEM Screens

*Wide Spectrum and Vivid Color

*Wide Viewing Angles and 360 PLS

*Full screen size and OEM Thickness

*Clear Visibility in Strong Light

*Touch is Sensitive and Smooth as Before

We transfer original code (vibration, photosensitive, touch, logic, baseband) date. Correspond to the original color of Apple iPhone. Our screens support original color restoration without original screen.

Some iPhone like the X, Xs, Xs Max,11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max originally come with an OLED screen on them. Because these screens tend to be expensive, we offer LCD screens. We also offer OLED screens, giving you the option of picking the quality screen for your device. 

The color will look brighter on the Soft OLED screen then the LCD.  Both screens are high quality. 

All of the parts that we use are High Quality Premium-Plus parts, All parts have been tested for the job! Our tools are Top Grade for the repair. We never get cheap supplies. Because of this, We do not offer returns or refunds. We offer a  LifeTime limited warranty on screen repairs, 90 day warranty on back repairs, and 1 year warranty on battery and charger ports.

The limited warranty is made exclusively for the benefit of the original customer of the preceding repair, and as such, is non-transferable. This limited warranty covers manufacturer-related part defects on parts installed by us and associated with the preceding repair only, and does not cover supplemental damage. Exclusions to this warranty include, but are not limited to, physical and/or liquid damage, game system reflows, batteries, accessories and soldered components. Once a phone has been open, the water resistance meters will change. Although (ONECLICK PHONE REPAIRS) puts a water seal back on, my device is no longer water resistant as before. Home Buttons, Proximity Sensor, Ext, may need to be replaced as these parts are very sensitive and can break very easily or are broken due to the condition of the device. These parts will be replaced and back to a working condition (Home Button will lose Touch ID). OneClick does not promise to buy your device nor do they promise your device can be traded in at a retailer. Some iPhones may show a display saying that the screen or battery are not genuine, OneClick does not use genuine parts on all repairs, they use aftermarket parts that work equally as good. This display will leave after 14 days. 

Bent or cracked frames do not receive warranty if not repaired by us. If your device has other issues that are know and are not fixed by us, the warranty will be 14 days. If back glass is cracked, any repair done will not receive warranty .

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